image credit: Pixcontroller

Harmar HatchWatch Clock 2018

Hr6 Age 321 days 1 hour 54 minutes 25 seconds
On February 24, 2018 the first egg was laid at 5:10pm and hatched on April 2 at 7:17am after 36 days, 14 hours and 7 minutes.
Hr7 Age 319 days 18 hours 11 minutes 25 seconds
On February 27, 2018 the second egg was laid at 6:46pm and hatched on April 3 at 4:00pm after 34 days, 21 hours and 14 minutes.

The Hatchwatch Clock counts up from the time the egg is laid.
Bald eagle eggs take 35 days to hatch on average.
First eggs may take longer as they are often not intensely incubated until the arrival of the second egg.