Canonsburg Lake

Photo credit: Dianne McKay

Canonsburg Lake HatchWatch 2019

CL4283 days 18 hours 31 minutes 9 seconds
Based on behavior on the nest, confirmed by two ground observers, the Canonsburg eagles, who have relocated to a new nest, began incubating on March 14, 2019.
281 days 18 hours 31 minutes 10 seconds

On April 22, ground observers reported seeing adult behavior consistent with feeding an eaglet. Two eaglets were observed on April 29. Based on these observations the Hatchwatch Clocks used 4/19 and 4/21 as the estimated hatch dates.

The Hatchwatch Clock counts UP from the time the egg is laid and reset to count UP from the time the egg(s) hatch.

  • Bald eagle eggs take 35 days to hatch on average.
  • As we get closer to day 35, begin to watch for a ‘pip’ in the egg.
  • First eggs may take a bit longer to hatch than later eggs as they sometimes are not intensely incubated until the arrival of the second egg, the brood patch may also be less well developed, and the initial incubation temperature may be slightly lower.
  • The range for hatching is 34-41 days; only rarely would an egg hatch outside of this range.